De Wet Coetsee,

Retail Asset Manager Redefine Properties

Clarity: Through having continuous focused discussion and a planned approach on identifying my purpose Chris assisted me in getting clarity. This clarity created peace and excitement to go further on my life’s journey and see how God can use me by living my purpose.


Amanda Swanepoel,
CEO BrightStar Lifestyle

Years of looking out for the "right" coach was rewarded when Chris de Beer from Corability Coaching offered to coach me and my business partner. After just two sessions we started to see a huge change in understanding and selling our business. We also experienced a new understanding and purposefulness in our personal journeys. The Strengthfinder tool enriched the understanding of my different roles in leaps and bounds! Attributes that make Chris stand out as coach is his integrity, intelligence, sense of humor as well as his true interest in the individuals and teams that he is coaching.


Icel Burger,

Social Entrepreneur

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Annamarie Maritz,

Strength Based Family Coach

Chris is passionate about life and the development of people. His energy makes working with him a positive experience!


Louisa Stoker,

CEO of Soulmatters Counciling Center

I have done strengths with Chris and thoroughly enjoyed it.  His presentation of the course material showed a deep understanding of the different strengths, how strength coaching works and how to further develop skills for different people, while taking their individuality into account. 

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Gerrie Snyman,

Quality Assurance and Pharmacovigilance Pharmacist

When I enrolled in the Bright Star program I was really a confused person and unsure what my own life’s purpose is.
Through the program facilitator and now a mentor to me, Chris, has really helped me to discover my self-worth, set my priorities and finding the true purpose of my life and which core personal values I need to be focused on.
The course, and with Chris’s knowledge and personal influence, assisted me to build a road map for my future and I now know I can achieve my goals with the correct positive attitude.
It has been a truly enlightening experience which changed my outlook to life in a wonderful way.

Doing Strengthsfinder with Chris was an eye-opening experience. I gained insights into my own thoughts and behavior which has allowed me to appreciate my processes and strengths so much more. I have a much better understanding of my unique contribution in a team environment and what I should focus on to maximise my impact.


Exploring my weaknesses was just as intriguing. Learning what they are and understanding how they could thwart my effectiveness is extremely important. I now know what to manage myself better when I am challenged by my weaknesses and how to appreciate people who contribute to a team in ways that I can’t.

The greatest thing about Strengths is that you celebrate your talents, and the talents of others. The challenge however is to go beyond the new knowledge you gained. Having a Strengths coach to guide you through that process is an investment in yourself and your environment.


Dhita Larasati,

Development Consultant

When I started coaching with Hanjo I was in a very bad place. I just moved to a new continent and had to basically restart my career and find my purpose as well as my passion again. My issues are very complex, and I thought that I would be ‘uncoachable'. But each week Hanjo directed each conversation in a warm and approachable manner, helping me to find a fresh perspective, and most importantly - to believe in myself again. I can see the difference in terms of how I approach my life issues before and after coaching. I gained back my positivity, and I’m sure other people will benefit at least equally if not more from this experience!