Purpose and Strength coaching assist individuals and organizations to discover their purpose and strengths and develop and deploy it towards lasting success and excellence. To build a purpose and strength-based approach to your life and career you must be very intentional and pragmatic and as a coach my role is helping individuals and organizations discover who they are, what their strengths are and how to apply them in all areas of life.

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as:


"Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

"Living and leading from purpose have the potential to transform organizations and produce miraculous business growth...If you access your purpose you access the growth mindset, deepening, in turn, your connection to your purpose. When we apply this gift of purpose to work, we see the sort of business growth that all businesses desire." - Nick Craig

Purpose and strength based coaching empowers individuals and organizations to discover their purpose, grow their strengths and achieve their goals. This Coaching method is important because of the direct participation of the client, and of the close and personal interaction by the coach. This makes it highly relational and extremely contextual – benefits not as easily achieved through training or consulting in traditional ways.


Purpose and strength based coaching is increasingly popular around the world, because of it’s “speed to impact”. It accelerates learning, effectiveness, productivity, performance and energy.