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Chris De Beer

Chris de Beer has a real passion for personal and professional development.  He is especially interested in helping leaders achieve significance, success and fulfilment.

He has more than 15 years of experience in Formal Leadership, Executive and Entrepreneurship roles. 



He holds 2 masters degrees from the North-West university and is currently busy with his PhD at the university of the Free state. He is also an accredited executive strength coach at the Strength Institute of South Africa.

Hanjo Gouws


Hanjo Gouws is driven by the pursuit of truth and is fascinated by all things optimising, whether it be people, processes, groups or companies. He is a registered Industrial Psychologist, with an M.com from the North-West University.


He has 5-years’ experience in teaching and training and has been working as consultant since 2019. He works in medico-legal at JPV Business Solutions and is a executive and productivity coach with Corability Coaching.


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